Our sawmill and carpentry uses:



True love for nature

Since the early 1980s Pirovano has been synonymous of quality, reliability and professionalism in the management, cutting and use of timber to create structures. The study of interior design, put besides with cutting-edge machineries for the sawmill department, has in fact made this division a real flagship, able to supply wood components, but also reliefs and drawings of any type of roof, staircase, mezzanine or veranda.

The best wood, specially selected from Switzerland (for sawmill) and Austria (lamellar, KWH and bilama) and on-site customized cutting services, have marked Pirovano as one of the industry leaders, most notable in the construction of roofs with self-supporting beams.

There is also a wide availability of Doka beams, bridge axles, carpentry joists, linings and reinforcement panels, complemented by the offer of craftsmen and builders in the sawmill.

The numerous achievements made in the provinces of Como, Lecco, Varese, Sondrio and Canton Ticino, demonstrate that competence never borders.