The paint factory uses:

For those who love a colorful life

The latest “creature” is the paint factory division, born out of a clear need to complete the offer reserved for companies within the building industry which collaborate with Pirovano. Hence the choice to equip with a modern tinting machine that can produce tints and colors of any type and tone, both for interior and exterior colors, also in natural lime.

The affiliation with whitewashing companies has allowed to develop an important synergy in the realization of outer coats, complete with painting. But to give security and a guarantee to the end customer, Pirovano chose to go further by offering a free insurance policy with Assitalia that shelves for 10 years from any problem the coat realized and tinted according to the requirements indicated. A plus that distinguishes Pirovano from any other competitor and once again puts it beside the customer.

In choosing the right coat material, in the essential consulting (from the point of view of capacity and endurance) to cure the thermal bridges, Pirovano is one of the most reliable partners in the certification of energy consumption: a travel companion indispensable in thinking, building and finishing the home of your dreams.

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