Helping to build your dreams since three generations


Landmark for many entrepreneurs and private individuals, the company was born in the 1940s, thanks to Carlo Pirovano’s intuition that made the first steps in the transport division, moving the ground and materials of all kinds. A few years later, in order to offer a valuable service to residents of Carlazzo and the neighboring cities, the first building warehouse was inaugurated at the locality of Piano Porlezza.

The impulse for growth comes in the 1970s, with Giovanni Pirovano, the son of the founder and the maker of a development that has led the company to become a major reality in its field today. The investment in the transport division, with many more journeys organized in neighboring Switzerland, will be in keeping with an increasingly structured and commonly used construction warehouse for many residents and local operators.

In the 1980s, the turnaround, with the construction of new warehouses in Sant’Agata, now home to new offices, an even wider range of products and utensils to host an increasingly competitive fleet for transports (vans, lorries, semitrailers and trucks) and state-of-the-art machinery and carpentry, used for on-site services or even rented to customers.

The third generation of the company, along with John’s sons, also gave birth to work and allowed the development of new exhibition areas dedicated to fireplaces, bathrooms and garden furniture.

In 2010, completing a long training course, the company obtained certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Con settanta anni di esperienza sulle spalle, l’azienda è sempre al fianco del cliente nel fornire il giusto consiglio o nel prospettare la soluzione più adeguata. Serietà, professionalità e disponibilità accompagnano del resto, da sempre, la storia di Pirovano.

With seventy years of experience on the shoulders, the company is always at the side of the customer in providing the right advice or in the prospect of the most appropriate solutions. Serenity, professionalism and availability accompany since ever the story of Pirovano.