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The pleasure of spare time

A physical but also mental space, where to regenerate, to get rid of the patterns of life and to simply be yourself. There is no doubt that today the opportunity to take advantage of the green space just outside the home has become a healthy touch to get behind the stress and tensions.

And so here you have an another new division of Pirovano, which aims to offer a wide choice of floating flooring, self-lockers, stones, quartzites and coatings, wooden walkways, to make the outdoor even more fascinating. But not only. In the large exhibition area you can choose from individual furnishing accessories, garden fountains, pots and flower boxes, drywall, benches, tables and other elements to decorate verandas, gazebos, or poolside spaces. In short, everything you need to spend hours outside the walls of your home.

Last but not least, Pirovano offers, in addition to personalized advice, the possibility of performing on-site reliefs and installation, because today’s enjoyment of spare time becomes a pleasant necessity.